Flood Response

SW Montana Flood Relief Fund - Serving Park County

When historic flooding along the Yellowstone River basin hit communities in Park County on June 13th, PCCF launched the SW MT Flood Relief Fund in partnership with Greater Gallatin United Way. Donations flowed in from around the world and all 50 states, raising over $3 million–including more than $1.5 million from local benefit concerts at Pine Creek Lodge and The Old Saloon. As 2022 drew to a close, 85% of these funds were granted to people, businesses, and nonprofits in Park County impacted by the flood. We are working to allocate all remaining funds by June 2023.

To date, all funds have been allocated in three distinct priority areas:

  • $1.8 million was distributed to more than 400 individuals, businesses, and nonprofits whose homes and property were impacted by the flood.
  • $430,000 was directed to provide economic relief to people and businesses in Gardiner, Silver Gate, Cooke City, Mammoth, WY and Colter Pass.
  • $782,000 was granted to nonprofits and local governments working on recovery and community resiliency efforts.



Phase I distributed more than $1.8 million to more than 400 individuals, businesses, and nonprofits across Park County that were directly impacted by the flood with critical needs around property damage, evacuation costs, food replacement, water, medicine, clean-up, loss of income, and other urgent needs.

Starting in October 2022, the SW MT Flood Relief Fund transitioned to Phase II to address the unique needs of each community in Park County following the flood. These priority areas included:

Economic Relief to North Yellowstone Communities- The SW MT Flood Relief Fund partnered with the Yellowstone Community Fund to provide critical funding to help the communities surrounding Gardiner, Cooke City, Silver Gate, and Mammoth, WY. 

Nonprofit Relief and Resiliency Grants- Local nonprofits continue to play a role in the long-term relief and resiliency of our community for years to come. A series of specific grants were awarded to nonprofits serving those impacted by the flood.

Severe Flood Damage- Many in Park County experienced physical damage to their home, business, or nonprofit from rising water. Case managers worked with previous applicants to identify those with increased needs. 


For questions about the SW MT Flood Relief Fund: visit: pccf-montana.org, greatergallatinuntitedway.org,  or yellowstonecommunityfund.org. Call: 406-587-2194. Email: disaster@greatergallatinuntitedway.org


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Fund Allocation:

The SW MT Flood Relief Fund is co-managed by Greater Gallatin United Way and Park County Community Foundation, with support from the Yellowstone Community Fund. Allocation decisions are made by the SW MT Flood Relief Fund Donation Steering Group via recommendations from trained case managers.

SW MT Flood Relief Fund Donation Steering Group:

  • Seabring Davis, Livingston/Paradise Valley
  • Jim Halfpenny, Gardiner
  • Samantha Pierce, Livingston
  • Donna Rowland, Cooke City
  • Victoria Schilling, Shields Valley
  • Tom Shellenberg, Livingston
  • Tim Stevens, Livingston
  • Gavin Clark, Park County Community Foundation
  • George Haddenhorst, Greater Gallatin United Way
  • Megan Castle, Greater Gallatin United Way