Give Where You Live

Thank you for your gift.

Communities’ needs are constantly changing and evolving. When today’s concerns give way to tomorrow’s issues, the Park County Community Foundation is in the best position to know the most pressing ongoing and emerging needs of the community. By giving an unrestricted gift, donors can be assured their charitable gift will always serve a vital purpose, even as the community changes and evolves.

We are grateful for your generosity. 

We are currently in the middle of our Give a Hoot community giving challenge! (July 8 - Aug 6) To ensure the organization you're contributing to receives a partial match, please read details below.

The following organizations are participating in our 2020 Give a Hoot community giving challenge:

  • Park County Community Foundation
  • Community School Collaborative
  • Farm to School of Park County
  • Friends of LINKS for Learning
  • Gateway Hose Company
  • Park County Cancer Alliance

Donations made to these organizations through the online giving platform will make them eligible for the partial matching funds contributed by our 2020 Co-Challengers.