Establish a Fund

Establishing a Fund at the Park County Community Foundation


Donor-Advised Fund

By opening a Donor Advised Fund at the Park County Community Foundation, you can continue to support the charities you care about while guiding philanthropy in Park County and strengthening local communities.

What is a Donor-Advised Fund?

A Donor-Advised Fund is a fund through which you can grow your assets tax-free and conveniently direct grants to charities in Park County and beyond. Created with a single tax-deductible donation of cash, stock, or real estate, you can name your fund and give at your own pace — we manage the rest. Any subsequent addition to your fund also is tax-deductible.

Benefits of a Donor-Advised Fund

  • Simplify your giving
  • Receive an immediate tax deduction
  • Give at your own pace
  • Invest your Fund tax-free
  • Enjoy hassle-free administration
  • Recommend grants to any registered domestic nonprofit organization

Your Fund Enables You to:

  • Support Organizations You Care About: Your Fund is the most efficient way to support all of the organizations you care about through one simple channel.
  • Optimize Your Tax Benefits: Take an immediate deduction for up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income on cash gifts, or up to 30% for gifts of appreciated securities. You may also avoid capital gains by making a gift of appreciated securities. Deductions may be taken all in one year or carried over for up to five years.
  • Establish a Family Legacy: Your Fund allows you to build a powerful legacy that can be shared with your spouse or partner and passed down to your children and grandchildren.
  • Diversify Your Giving: Our staff of experts can research Park County nonprofits that fit your interests.
  • Co-Invest with Others: Use your Fund to align your giving with the Foundation’s Fund for the Future and other like-minded donors.

Other Funds

Field-of-Interest Funds

Field-of-interest funds support a broad array of interests such as the arts, education, and health. The donor specifies his or her interest at the time the fund is created. The Foundation then makes grants from these funds to the most appropriate organizations. Education and performing arts are examples field-of-interest funds that could be held at Park County Community Foundation.

Designated Funds

Designated funds ensure long-term support for one or more specific nonprofit organizations, identified by the donor at the time the fund is established. A named nonprofit organization may receive an annual contribution from the designated fund.

Memorial Funds

Memorial funds operate like donor-advised funds but are named in a loved one’s memory. As with all funds, gifts can be made to the fund by anyone at any time.

Scholarship Funds

The Park County Community Foundation scholarship program brings together students in need and individuals who care about education to enable more students to reach their educational goals. Scholarship funds may be established to benefit a specific school or field of study. An example is the Barbara Thronson-Park County Community Foundation Scholarship established in 2015.

General Fund

The Community Foundation welcomes unrestricted gifts to the General Fund that serves several purposes.  These funds are the single greatest source of support for the Foundation’s Annual Community Grants Program.  Additionally, this fund provides the Foundation Board of Directors the the flexibility to respond quickly to emerging community needs and shifting priorities.  It also supports operating needs of the Foundation.