The Fund for the Future

In November 2017, the Park County Community Foundation established a permanent endowment for the benefit of the Park County Community Foundation: the Fund for the Future.

The concept is simple:

People who care deeply about Park County -- Wilsall, Clyde Park, Livingston, Springdale, Emigrant, Gardiner, Silver Lake, Cooke City and Colter Pass -- make large and small gifts to the Community Foundation. These gifts are pooled and invested to create a growing permanent endowment. Investment professionals manage the assets, professional accountants conduct audits, and annual reports offer detailed financial information to the public. As assets increase, so does our capacity to support projects and programs that enhance our community.

As this endowment grows, a portion of the earnings will be earmarked for grantmaking activity, but the endowment itself will remain intact and untouched. Regardless of dips in the economy, shifts of population, and changes on the political landscape, the Park County Community Foundation is here today ... and will be here tomorrow.

For more information or to make a contribution, please contact Executive Director Gavin Clark by email at or phone our office at (406) 224-3920.