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Frequently Asked Questions

Thronson Scholarship FAQs​​

Q1: If I decide to delay my attendance for a semester or for an entire year, can I still use my scholarship? (ie. if I decide to start in the spring semester or wait until the fall semester of the next year)

A: Yes. Scholarships will be held for up to one year after you graduate from high school allowing for a “gap year” or change in academic plans.


Q2: If there is a semester or more when my GPA does not meet the requirements, can I receive the remaining portion of my scholarship after a semester in which my grades do meet the requirements?

A: Yes. Please notify us of your drop in GPA by submitting a copy of your official transcript at the end of the semester just as you normally would. Funds for the semester following the drop will be held back due to ineligibility. If upon successful completion of the subsequent semester, your GPA is back within the required range, funds will be awarded with proof of enrollment for the next eligible semester.

Example: Students fails to meet GPA requirement during Fall 2019, no award will be given for Spring 2020.  Final GPA achieved for Spring 2020 is above a 3.0, award given with proof of enrollment in Fall 2020.

Communication is required. Please see the table of deadlines at the bottom of the page.


Q3: If I change schools, can I continue to receive my scholarship?

A: Yes, as long as the other requirements are met (ie: maintaining the required GPA, confirming your enrollment). Be sure to notify us as soon as possible about the change. Any lapse in notification could result in a delay in the disbursement of scholarship funds.

Communication is required. Please see the table of deadlines at the bottom of the page.


Q4: Does my scholarship expire after four years? What if I take a semester or two away from college?

A: If you are attending a “four-year program,” then you are eligible to receive your scholarship for eight semesters. If at any point a leave of absence is taken from your selected program, PCCF must be notified immediately.

·         Your scholarship funds will be available for a total of 5 years from the initial date of enrollment at a qualifying academic institution, allowing for a total break of one year (one full “gap year”, or a total of two semesters off).

·         Once re-enrolled in a program, proof of enrollment and the last available completed course transcripts must be provided. Communication is required. Please see the table of deadlines below in Q5.

·         If a withdrawal is made partway into a semester and you are eligible for a full or partial refund from your school, a reimbursement check for that semester’s scholarship funds must be returned to PCCF. Otherwise, funds for a subsequent semester in which you resume are forfeit. Your next disbursement of scholarship funds will resume upon the successful completion of a new semester with all eligibility requirements successfully met.


Q5: What happens if I forget to contact you about my scholarship for a semester?

A: We understand that the beginning of a school term is a busy time, and sometimes things get overlooked. One attempt will be made to contact you during the semester via mail using the current address on file and following the schedule below. If no response is received by the date listed, your scholarship for that semester is forfeit. No funds will be paid retroactively. If no contact is received from the student by close of the subsequent semester, the student forfeits the remainder of their scholarship.

Communication is required. Please see the table of deadlines at the bottom of the page.

Q6: What if I decide to take summer session courses?

A: You are eligible for a total of eight semesters of scholarship awards.  If you decide upon an alternative schedule of study (ie. summer or winter session coursework) you may apply for the issuance of scholarship funds with a written explanation, proof of enrollment, and proof of successful progress during the previous semester. This may change the date your scholarship expires.


*Any other unique scenarios not specified within these Frequently Asked Questions, will be considered on a case by case basis by the Scholarship Committee. Please note that we may request additional supporting documentation for your situation.

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