For the love of Park County, we inspire investment and leadership to cultivate resilient communities. 

We believe that Park County's challenges can be solved through mutual understanding, collaboration and a robust culture of philanthropy. 

Gavin Clark, executive director, Park County Community Foundation, and Katherine Daly, program manager of the Park County Housing Coalition, introduced the PCHC Housing Action Plan for 2024, announcing 12 policy tools for improving affordable housing to be implemented over a three-year period, dependent on community interest and support. One of the tools already being advocated and implemented is the Resident Owned Community program,

Three other affordable housing tools were introduced and then the group split into three groups to discuss the topics. The topics discussed were: accessory dwelling units, or ADUs, employer-assisted housing partnerships, or workforce housing, and zoning reformation.

The Park County Community Foundation recently launched the Nonprofit ACTion Program to meet the professional development needs of Park County nonprofits by providing a full slate of trainings and resources designed to provide the skills needed to maximize their impact locally.