For the love of Park County, we inspire investment and leadership to cultivate resilient communities. 

We believe that Park County's challenges can be solved through mutual understanding, collaboration and a robust culture of philanthropy. 

The Park County Community Foundation recently launched the Nonprofit ACTion Program to meet the professional development needs of Park County nonprofits by providing a full slate of trainings and resources designed to provide the skills needed to maximize their impact locally.

The North Yellowstone Education Foundation was founded six years ago by a group of parents in Gardiner, Montana who recognized the changing landscape and decided to take action. NYEF has been working tirelessly ever since to support education in the community and ensure that new teachers have a place to live.
NYEF has successfully funded $800K to support phase one of its Teacher Housing Initiative (THI). The initiative is a collaborative project with Gardiner Public School (GPS) and aims to attract and retain teachers and staff by providing affordable housing to supplement their wages. According to a press release, the $800,000 project was made possible with the help of numerous donors, including The Park County Community Foundation, George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Foundation, Gianforte Family Foundation, Steele-Reese Foundation, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, Gardiner Area Resort District, and First Interstate Bank and Foundation. Additionally, private donors have contributed over $350,000 to the project.

Although many locals are worried about the future, they are well-positioned to address the challenges they face, according to the 2023 We Will Park County report presented by the Park County Community Foundation.

The foundation surveyed more than 850 people for the report between May and July and found that only 41% of respondents shared optimism about the future of Park County. Twenty-five percent of respondents were neutral about the future and 34% reported being pessimistic, according to the report, which can be found at

The foundation presented these findings and others at the Livingston Depot Center on Oct. 4.