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Community Foundation seeking 1,000 residents to complete survey

The Park County Community Foundation is seeking 1,000 Park County residents to complete the We Will Park County community survey. The survey captures opinions on the current challenges facing Park County along with what people like most about living here. The 2023 We Will Park County community survey received just over 850 responses and this year the community foundation hopes to increase that number.

The community opinions along with key data points will inform the content of the annual We Will Park County report, which in turn helps nonprofit organizations prioritize community resources. By identifying the most pressing community challenges and opportunities, the report also guides the Park County Community Foundation in making funding decisions for their annual We Will Park County Community Grants.

You can find the survey link online at, or you can call the community foundation’s office at 406-224-3920 to find out about other options for completing the survey.

Also keep a look out for posters around the county with QR codes that you can scan with your phone and postcards that will be arriving in rural routes in the county. Paper copies of the survey can be picked up from the HRDC office and the Livingston Food Resource Center, both located on 2nd Street in downtown Livingston.

To provide more incentive to complete the survey, respondents age 18 and over can enter their name to participate in a drawing to receive one of five VISA gift cards in the amount of $100 each. The survey will remain open until June 30, 2024.

Note that the We Will Park County community survey is separate from the Park County Communications Survey currently being fielded by the Park County government on behalf of the county commissioners.