Discovering Wellness Program

Discovering Wellness

Providing Park County helping professionals with holistic self-care practices in order to cultivate a more vibrant and healthy lifestyle...

Through natural wellness education and science-based holistic self-care practices, you can learn to manage stress, increase resilience, and decrease burnout -- all toward the goal of greater impact and effectiveness in your work.

The Park County Community Foundation, with the generous support of AMB West Philanthropies, launched a pilot version of this wellness program, with the goal of offering a suite of wellness programs to support our community during these challenging times.

The program was designed for those engaged in work directly serving the community of Park County on a regular basis. Examples of helping professionals include:

  • Childhood Care Providers
  • Healthcare Professionals & First Responders
  • Educators, Counselors, and Therapists
  • Direct Service Providers
  • Nonprofit Staff / Volunteers / Board Members

Since its inception in 2019, Discovering Wellness has offered a variety of outdoor yoga classes, virtual and in-person community wellness workshops, and half-day retreats. Starting in 2022, ASPEN - Abuse Support Prevention Education Network, will be providing all future programing.

Questions? Contact ASPEN by calling (406) 222-5902 or send an email to