Stories of Impact

Montana Wilderness Association

Trail improvements increase opportunities for local recreation

The need to maintain access and provide recreation opportunities was addressed with the funds received by Park County Community Foundation (PCCF). The trail projects funded by the grant supported the repair and preservation of outdoor recreation infrastructure for hikers, equestrians, and mountain bikers. Without an intact infrastructure of trails on public lands, local opportunities for recreation decrease, along with the economic health of local businesses that rely upon income generated by outdoor recreation. 

Impact Story:

Dr. Shane Doyle is an enrolled member of the Aps√°alooke Nation (also known as the Crow Tribe). He led the Wilderness Walk to Campfire lake in the Crazy Mountains with 9 participants and shared stories about the deep human history in the mountain range (the Anzick site is nearby), the significance of this range to the Crow Nation and his own unique experiences in these 'Ominous' mountains. On the hike, he talked about local conservation/advocacy efforts for wilderness and tribal cultural designations, and how they are working with landowners to resolve access issues. They walked a section of a rerouted trail that was recently completed as a result of these discussions. Participants walked away from this experience with significant knowledge about the cultural and ecological importance of the Crazy Mountains that empowers them to become advocates for and stewards of this special place.