Stories of Impact

Montana Outdoor Science School

Accessible Summer Science Education

Student learning loss over the summer of 2021 was expected to be drastic given the traumatic situation. Though school districts worked overwhelmingly hard during the school year, additional education was needed to bridge the gap and ensure students stay active in their learning over the summer. Unfortunately, the year was challenging for any agency trying to provide activities for youth in Livingston and many had to reduce capacity of participants due to COVID and raise fees - all making summer activities harder to participate in for many families. 

MOSS offered two completely full camps in Park County at reduced or no cost to families in Livingston. Additionally, we provided science kits to 200 kids in Gardiner, Shields Valley, and Livingston which were transported on the Livingston-Park County Bookmobile. 

Impact Story:

We had a family in Gardiner pick-up science kits every month of the summer. They sent a note saying there aren't a lot of structured summer activities for kids based in Gardiner but that the science kits made their daughter feel as though she was getting her own special summer camp. Plus, she was able to recruit a few of her friends to pick-up science kits so they had a "summer school" group to keep the kids busy and engaged.