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Park County Housing Update

PCCF's 2023 We Will Park County report documented a strong shared concern about housing. Nearly 3/4 of the 850 survey respondents identified housing as our community's greatest challenge. That's because this topic is often personal – about half of all respondents said they are affected by housing-related challenges.

Survey respondents almost unanimously agree that housing should be addressed locally. However, we heard that a quarter of survey respondents don't get involved because they don't have enough information and another fifth want to get involved but don't know how.

PCCF and PCHC developed an event in response to what we heard from you. Join us for an informative and interactive conversation where you can:

- learn from friends and neighbors about ongoing housing work in Park County, including the Park County Housing Coalition's three areas of focus for 2024,
- connect with resources, &
- decide how you can make a difference in an aspect of housing that matters to you.

Co-hosted by the Park County Housing Coalition & the Park County Community Foundation.

To learn more about the work of the Park County Housing Coalition, please visit their website: or at the link below.

If you want to do some advance preparation for this event, we have including links below with background information on housing issues in Park County: the Park County Housing Action Plan & the 2023 We Will Park County Report.