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Arthur M. Blank Foundation hits $1B milestone

The Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has reached the milestone of committing $1 billion in giving since its inception in 1995, according to an announcement from the nonprofit.

“As the Blank Family Foundation surpasses the $1 billion mark in giving, it is preparing to accelerate its philanthropy over the next decade,” reads an April 19 press release from the foundation. “Guided by the interests of Blank family members serving on the board of directors, the foundation has identified new priority areas of giving: Youth Development, Democracy, Environment, Mental Health & Well-Being and Atlanta’s Westside. In addition to these priority areas of giving, the foundation will continue to oversee a large portfolio of enduring founder-led initiatives.”

Across these portfolios, the foundation will look for opportunities to address “the growing crisis of disconnection in our nation,” according to the release.

“Geographically, much of the work will continue to prioritize Georgia (with a focus on Atlanta) and Montana, while also considering the potential for greater national impact and influence,” reads the release.

The foundation has granted more than $28 million in Montana, according to Elena Cizmaric, senior communications director for AMB West.

Some of the largest grants the Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation has given in Montana include:

• Heroes and Horses: $687,000 in 2019 for capacity building capital campaign

• Community Health Partners: $470,000 in 2022 for parent support from conception to graduation

• Gallatin Valley Land Trust: $445,000 in 2020 for conservation easement acquisition and support fund

• Greater Yellowstone Coalition: $410,000 in 2022 to support the purchase of mining rights to protect Yellowstone National Park

• North Yellowstone Education Foundation: $350,000 in 2020 to establish infrastructure to support and provide behavioral health services in Park County rural schools

• Montana Community Foundation: $330,000 in 2022 for the Montana Tele-Crisis Response Initiative

• Community Health Partners: $300,000 in 2019 for the parent liaison program

• HRDC: $2 million for the Community First Griffin Place Food and Resource Center Capital Campaign

Montana organizations the foundation has helped with multiple grants over time include:

• Park County Community Foundation: More than $1.2 million since 2007

• Big Brothers Big Sisters of Gallatin County: More than $600,000 since 2002

• Community Health Partners: More than $1 million since 2006

• Gallatin Valley Land Trust: More than $780,000 since 2002

• Greater Gallatin United Way: Nearly $830,000 since 2002

• Montana Community Foundation: More than $1 million since 2014

In its first year of operation, the foundation approved more than $5 million in grants, according to the release. Over time, the foundation has supported more than 3,500 nonprofits and has granted more than $670 million in Georgia and more than $28 million in Montana.

“We are proud to have reached this significant milestone, but this moment is truly a testament to the dedicated service of the thousands of nonprofits we’ve supported over the past two and a half decades,” said Arthur M. Blank, chairman, Arthur M. Blank Family Foundation, in the release. “I’m thankful for every current and former associate and board member of the foundation who helped us reach this point, and I know that together with our grantee partners we can continue making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. I look forward to what’s to come and the continued impact we will all make together.”

The $1 billion in investment from the foundation has supported nonprofits working on a range of issues.

Blank, chairman of the foundation, co-founded The Home Depot, the world’s largest home improvement retailer, in 1978 and retired from the company as co-chairman in 2001.