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Park County Spelling Bee

Highlighting Academics.

Here’s a test: Can you spell chinchilla?

No spellcheck allowed!

How about concierge? Cauliflower? Succulent?

These are some of the words Park County students spelled correctly during 2018 Park County Spelling Bee. This year’s winner, 14-year-old Aidan Veress from the Gardiner School District, won the 2018 Spelling Bee after spelling 24 words right, the last one being decoy.  Aidean also took first place in the 2017 Bee.

Park County has held a Spelling Bee since 1935, according to Jo Newhall , Park County superintendent of schools. A gift from a donor-advised fund held by the Park County Community Foundation helps fund the event held at the Shane Lalani Center for the Arts.  Each year about 30 students from Park County participate in the Bee. Winners advance to the state Bee in Billings. From there, they have a chance to participate in the national Scripps Spelling Bee in Washington, D.C.

The Bee is important because it provides an opportunity for students from all schools across the county to get together including homeschooled and other non-traditional students, Newhall said.

“This is a rare cross-county event that allows all students in fourth through eight grade to compete including public schools, private schools and homeschools,” Newhall said. “Academic success is honored and celebrated in the spelling bees. Many times these are students who have worked hard and their successes don’t get all the attention that sports participation gets. All of our students need to be celebrated for their good works!”

And the practice at public speaking doesn’t hurt either, Newhall said.

Put name first with the long title following, and the title then in lower case.

Remember AP style on numbers

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