Graduation Matters

Graduation Matters Livingston is part of a statewide Graduation Matters program that began in 2010 to help Montana public schools graduate more students who are prepared for college and careers. Its objectives:

  • Increase the rate of college- and career-ready Montana students graduating from high school.
  • Establish a support network between schools, businesses and community organizations for student success.
  • Create school-based and community-based opportunities for student success.

Livingston is among 43 Montana communities involved in Graduation Matters. The program includes all AA schools, smaller rural schools, and schools on or near our state’s Indian Reservations. Seventy-five percent of Montana high school students attend a Graduation Matters school, and more than 11,000 students have taken the pledge to graduate.

The effort centered on Park High School and the Livingston School District has three key goals:

  • Youth have increased prospects of thriving, belonging and engaging
  • High-risk youth receive effective services and support
  • Youth are prepared for higher education and employment

The Park County Community Foundation has been an integral participant in Graduation Matters Livingston and continues in that role.

Future steps in the program are:

  • Continue to raise awareness about the process of going to college for both parents and students, including dispelling myths about applying for and receiving financial aid.
  • Increase the number of students accessing career internships.
  • Continue to increase course offerings that reflect what is relevant to our students and the plans they have for their futures.
  • Strengthen career readiness in Park High School and improve numbers of first-time, college-going students, while looking at how to close the gap between “all students” and “economically disadvantaged” populations.
  • Increase the number of students considering post-secondary education as an option and help them develop a clear plan that fits them.
  • Increase the number of students who apply to college.

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final report of November 2014.