Early Childhood

The Park County Early Childhood Coalition is a collaborative group of parents, educators, service providers, and public servants committed to starting every Park County child on a pathway of positive possibilities. Park County is in a unique position due to our size and ability to connect with every child living in the community. The Coalition has significant community capacity (the ability to plan, make decisions, and act together), to realize positive social, economic, and environmental outcomes for young children in Park County (prenatal to age 5).

It is the Coalition’s goal to work with all children and their families, while emphasizing support for those at highest risk. Coalition focus areas include streamlining referral to resources, community outreach, school preparation, and training for educators and parents.

Based in Livingston but extending throughout Park County, the Coalition has long been a core program for the Park County Community Foundation which acts as the convener. Structured into two groups, the Coalition is made up of a core council and the council-at-large. The core council, formed by early childhood community leaders, plans Coalition action based on identified needs in the community, while the council-at-large participates in work groups and serves as a tool for dissemination of information and opportunities for all early childhood stakeholders in Park County.

The Coalition actively participates in many local and statewide early childhood efforts including: Montana Preschool Development Grant, Montana Best Beginnings Council, and Project LAUNCH.

For more information email Coalition@PCCF-Montana.org.

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