Our Principles


The Park County Community Foundation is dedicated to enhancing the spirit of community and quality of life in Park County through stewardship of permanently endowed funds, grant making and other activities.We connect caring people and resources with community needs and opportunities.


The Park County Community Foundation will be a dynamic and distinctive philanthropic leader fostering collaborative community action to shape a healthy, caring community. In order to carry out this mission, the Foundation:

  • Identifies, analyzes and addresses needs of the various communities of Park County as they exist,
    emerge and merit assistance.
  • Builds a pool of charitable capital, preserving and enhancing the funds placed in its trust.
  • Raises the capacity of nonprofit organizations to serve the geographic communities and communities of interest through its grant-making and other supportive actions.
  • Develops a greater regional sense of community by promoting diversity and encouraging shared responsibility for community improvement.
  • Assists donors by providing knowledge, methods and opportunities for advancing a wide range of important charitable interests.


In meeting community needs, the Park County Community Foundation adheres to the following operating principles:

  • Respect the stated charitable intent of all donors.
  • Emphasize and promote a long-term perspective toward community vitality and flexibility.
  • Meet immediate needs with an emphasis on the nonprofit sector.
  • Reflect the diversity of our community through Foundation activities and governing board membership.
  • Maintain independence, integrity, and objectivity in Foundation pursuits.
  • Emphasize a proactive posture and focus on the prevention of problems and root causes whenever possible.
  • Develop program-related activities only when no other qualified institution exists to do so.
  • Recognize and appreciate that Park County is comprised of many communities, both geographic and otherwise, and to encourage countywide collaboration when appropriate.

Adopted March 31, 2006